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Refrigerator Repair & Services In Hyderabad

A refrigerator is an indispensable piece of electronic equipment in every home to preserve the foods from contamination and eases storage. This equipment is susceptible to operation failure due to its regular usage, which can hugely impact consumers. There are many refrigerator repair companies in Hyderabad to meet the complaints registered by the customers in restoring back to normal functioning. Get your system fixed immediately at your doorstep by hiring technicians from Cools zone who are experts at fridge repair and maintenance. Cools zone handles different services like refrigerator compressor repair, refrigerator condenser repair, coil replacement, condenser fan repair, evaporator repair, and evaporator fan motor repair.

We take pride in saying we service all refrigerator brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Haeir, and Rockwell with detailed knowledge of our expert team. Cools zone works on first come first serve basis as we have a huge number of complaints flowing every now and then. If you want to avail our services, then book an appointment at the earliest so that person from technical desk will call you to understand the difficulty you are facing and assign the service professional for you. The service professional will call you in person and check your availability before dropping in at your home.

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Common refrigerator issues that we fix

Vertical Refrigerator Repair and Services

Ease your vertical refrigerator problems with Cools zone. anywhere in Hyderabad, a company with top ratings for customer service. We inspect the problem and provide the right technical assistance to ensure the customer does not face the same issue recurrently. Get in touch with us for your fridge problems as immediate restoration is important to continue with daily activities.


Single-door Fridge Repair

Single-door fridge repairs can be annoying due to low cooling and broken parts within the system. Our experienced technicians can get the issues resolved in no time to make your system work more efficiently.

Two-door Vertical Static Chiller Repair

Double-door fridges are preferred in most homes due to their modern look and improved storage facility. The common problems that can arise from these appliances are a malfunctioning motor, defective MCB unit, issues with condenser coils, and compressor problems. All these high-end issues can be handled flawlessly by Cools zone professionals. Stop panicking and call our team to solve your complex issues instantly.

Side by Side Fridge

Side by side refrigerators have ventured into the market just ten years ago and perfect for spaces that demand a modern look. The freezer is located on the opposite side in these models. This offlate refrigerator type has advanced features inbuilt inside. The most common issues can occur in the thermostat, compressor, and evaporator that is handled with care by Cools zone service professionals.

French door Refrigerator Repair

There are adopted in modern spaces and help in maintaining the chillness of the foods as the access is restricted to only one refrigerator at a time. Unlike conventional fridges, the maintenance of french door is easy as it allows only limited storage . We take care of all the issues in this model and ensure it works fine.

Bottom-Mount Refrigerator Repair

Double-door fridges are preferred in most homes due to their modern look and improved storage facility. The common problems that can arise from these appliances are a malfunctioning motor, defective MCB unit, issues with condenser coils, and compressor problems. All these high-end issues can be handled flawlessly by Cools zone professionals. Stop panicking and call our team to solve your complex issues instantly.

Pepsi Refrigeration Repair

These are commercial brand fridges found in many industrial outlets for selling Pepsi and Thumps-Up beverages. Our skilled team is a pro in handling this fridge repair and also provides the requisite information to the customers on maintaining them from frequent wear and tear. This will help you to preserve the drinks in the long run thus boosting sales for the business.

Thumbs-up Refrigeration Repair

If you are a thumbs-up fridge owner and require assistance with your issue then call Cools zone experts right away to get it fixed in no time. Cools zone technicians have prior experience in handling commercial fridge repairs and help in hassle-free maintenance with their thoughtful solutions. Restore the condition of your cool beverages by calling fridge serviceman from our company.

Wine Refrigeration Repair

The dedicated unit for storing commercial wines plays a significant role in preventing them from spoilage by maintaining the drinks at optimum temperature. Seek immediate assistance from industry-trusted Cools zone technicians who have diverse experience in resolving wine refrigerator problems.

Most Common Refrigerator Problems

A refrigerator unit works uninterruptedly in any home to maintain the foods stored at the right temperature. Due to its untiring job, the machine tends to break down resulting in different types of problems for the customers. Let us look into the most commonly occurring problems in refrigerator and how our certified technicians help in overcoming the difficulty with on time service.

1. Refrigerator not Cooling

The cooling unit of the fridge plays a major role in maintaining the items inside from any potential damage. If the freezer fails to cool the foods then consumers can suspect a problem in the fans and coils and check to ensure they are working fine. Inspecting and cleaning the coils can help in the smooth functioning of the fridge. In case it is not working gas filling may be necessary by an expert technician from Cools zone. Experts at Cools zone hold experience in handling all types of fridges irrespective of the brand.

2. There is too much Noise in the Refrigerator

An annoying sound from the refrigerator can be a serious issue related to the fan within the system. Many units possess both evaporator and condenser fans of which the latter is responsible for cooling the fridge’s condenser coil with the ongoing operation of the compressor. On the other hand, the evaporator fans perform the function of pulling air across the coils of the freezer unit. The functioning of both the fans happens concurrently and the failure of even one can affect the normal working of your system by creating a loud noise. Call a professional for help and inspect the problem. Make sure you disconnect the plugs during the inspection to avoid any accidental shocks.

3. A Leaky Refrigerator- Water Puddles around the dispenser or ice maker

A refrigerant is a key element inside the refrigerator that aids in cooling the food items stored inside the unit. Due to the vacuuming of the refrigerant, the food items get contaminated and turn black. It is high time to seek help from a fridge serviceman to replace the refrigerant. During fridge defrosting, the water may not be gushed out and there are chances for blockage as water accumulates on the dispenser. This in turn leads to water leakage from the refrigerator which can be a serious issue to look into. Get in touch with Coolzone service experts to resolve the issue and drain the water to avoid any future clogs. We will detect the root cause of the issue by checking the drain hose plugs and making a permanent fix for proper water disposal.

4. Compressor Problems

A compressor is the heart of the fridge and there may be various reasons associated with its failure. It can be due to dirty condenser coils, power fluctuation, and prolonged usage. Getting professional assistance from Coolzone experts will solve the issues as they analyze and fix it in no time. When it comes to loud sound it may be due to the wearing out of the compressor which indicates replacement by technicians.

5. Light not working

This issue may have popped up due to loose contact in the plugs or there might be an issue in the socket. Coolzone technicians spontaneously check the wires and provide the fix to make the fridge lights function as before.

6. The fridge not turning on

Any malfunction in the fridge parts or the control board failure can lead to the non-functioning of the unit. A technician’s help is critical to find the exact reason and providing timely assistance to resolve it.

7. Refrigerator not defrosting

An impromptu thermostat may be the primary reason for defrost failure in fridges. The defrost heater works monotonously to melt the defrost in the evaporator coil. This heater shares a close connection with the defrost thermostat. The defrost thermostat works on the timer concept which turns on the heater every cycle. So, the thermostat failure can hinder the defrosting process affecting the freezing of foods.

8. Warm air entering the refrigerator

Clogged or uncleaned filters are the main reason behind warm air accumulating inside the refrigerator. This will stop the cold air from circulating inside and decrease the cooling effect in the fridge. Call the right technicians to troubleshoot the problem and resolve it at once.

Why Choose Us

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Cools zone is a proactive fridge repair service provider in Hyderabad that acts based on customer priority. Our passionate and dedicated team of professionals cater to full-fledged repair for both commercial and domestic units anywhere in Hyderabad. We provide prompt service for all problems in any refrigerator variant which makes us the most reliable repair company in the city. Our skilled artisans are pragmatic enough to pay attention to even minute details to understand the intensity of the problem and provide the fix carefully without impacting the other functionalities of the system.

Customer satisfaction is our main motto and strives towards excellence in providing quality services. We also undertake any urgent repairs keeping customer service in our mind and service your system hassle-free at your doorstep. The service fee is very affordable unless there is any major wear out in the system and invoices are shared with the client upright to avoid any ambiguities. We are in the industry for a long time and have versatile experience in handling different customers in Hyderabad. Add us to your contacts to get free delivery at your doorstep at fair prices without compromising on the quality. Check the testimonials on our website before calling us as it will instill the confidence in you regarding our services.


Coolszone offers various refrigerator repair services with average cost ranges, including an inspection fee of Rs. 250 to 400, repairing charges (excluding spare parts) of Rs. 500 to 1400, gas filling at Rs. 400 to 700, and annual maintenance services for Rs. 600 to 800. The precise cost of services for your specific needs can be determined by contacting Coolszone. The service charges can be influenced by factors such as location, warranty, refrigerator capacity, brand, type of issue, spare parts cost, and model, in addition to the expertise and experience of the technician.

Refrigerator repair costs vary and typically fall between 200 and ₹500, depending on the root cause of the problem. To illustrate, fixing a refrigerator compressor can cost somewhere between 500 and ₹2000.

Coolszone Technicians certified technicians who offer repair and servicing for refrigerators of various brands such as (Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier,) among others, in both commercial and residential locations across Hyderabad. All you need to do is give Coolszone a call 7207720660 and our technician will promptly come to your home.


Cools zone provides doorstep refrigerator repair services, whereby our technician will come to your location to fix the fridge.

Here are 7 common problems with refrigerators that may require repair.

  • Constant cycling or running
  • Water leaks
  • Ice buildup in the freezer
  • Malfunctioning water dispenser
  • Warm interior
  • Excessive noise
  • Increased energy consumption

One of the primary causes of a refrigerator not functioning is a faulty motor. If the motor is defective, the refrigerator may either shut down instantly or fail to start at all. When a motor is damaged, it often needs to be replaced. If you experience such issues, it is recommended to contact our Coolszone service center, and our technician will get in touch with you