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Best Air Conditioning Services in Hyderabad

At cools zone, we offer all-inclusive AC repair and services in Hyderabad. We provide the best experienced AC installation professionals at affordable prices. The AC repairs and services include fixing problems such as faulty compressors, leaks, clogged filters, low refrigerant levels, and more. Moreover, cools zone ties up with customers for regular cleaning and maintenance for improved life of AC.

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Weak airflow from the AC

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Power supply issues

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The AC Is Not Cooling the Room

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Sudden breakdown of the AC

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Water Leakage Issue

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Price Chart

We offer premium quality ac repair & installation services at affordable prices

Split ACWindow ACGas Charging & Refilling
Split AC Installation Rs1499Window AC Installation Rs599Gas Full Charge Rs2199
Split AC uninstallation Rs749Window AC uninstallation Rs399Gas Topup Rs1599
Split outdoor unit reinstallation Rs799Window AC Wet & Dry Service Rs499
Split indoor unit reinstallation Rs 499
Split AC Wet & Dry Servicing Rs549
Copper pipe /meter Rs699

We only use genuine spare parts for reliable AC Repair

At Cools Zone, we prioritize the use of genuine spare parts to ensure long-lasting and effective repairs for our customers' AC units.


Our Customer's Reviews

If i wouldn't have booked maintenance/repair from COOLS ZONE - Ac repair than I would've definitely had to get the AC replaced. Super knowledged, reliable & professional. I'll strongly recommend.

Mukesh Kumar

Cools zone Air-conditioning services are one of the BEST services we can avail in miyapur hyderabad. Very professional, friendly and trust worthy services. I have been associated with majid and his team of professionals since last 6 years and availed multiple services with full satisfaction. There were zero complaints after thier service. The charges are very reasonable compared to other guys. They don't give false promises at all be it for their arrival at ur home or for any other issues with ur appliances. They are very straight forward. Go for it undoubtedly if u have a service requirement.


Cools Zone services is the best company for AC installation services I have come across. Very professional and trustworthy service. I would definitely recommend them for all AC related works. Keep up the great work cools Zone!!

Diya Karmokar

I found this incredible service! Mr. Majid owns this business and provides repair, maintenance and installation services for, AC etc. I called Mr. Majid for ac repair service. He gave me proper visit time and arrived on time. He inspected issue and explained me process, cost and cons if not done. He's really expert in this field and was able to explain technical things in layman terms. I highly recommend to go with his service. Thanks a lot Mr. Majid for your quick service, hassal free repair service and professionalism 🙌👏

Alex Ross

Expert Cool care sevices is the best agency for AC installation services I have come across. Very professional and trustworthy service. Transparent charges & highly skilled technicians. I would definitely recommend them for all AC related works. Keep up the great work Expert cool care services!!


Got my lg split AC serviced more than twice. Mr.majid is rendering his professional services on time with reasonable cost charged for his service.Mr.majid will explain the issue and suggest best possible solution. I would highly recommend his service.

Rikha dass

Got my ac installed perfectly without any damages and also the technician cleaned the premises which was dirty during installation and above all got good discount as mentioned on their website recomend cool zone

Madhab Malik

The best part of the AC Repair service was 1. On time 2. Commitment 3. Proper explanation. 4. Best with what he is doing. 5. No hidden charges. 6. Above all his polite way of communication.

Sidhu Santh

Raheem is best AC technician i have seen, he is very professional and on time and explained exactly what's the problem and how to fix it. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for AC services

Rana Gupta

Best Ac service for locality of Manikonda. you got all solutions for all home appliances problem in one place.Just go for it through one call and solve all your problems.

Ramesh Sharma

On just a message person came our place and did inspection and serviced the Ac Repair I was surprised to see the person so soon for a service I wish him good luck for history business and I highly recommend you all Happy with the service

Settu Settu

I am satisfied with the AC servicing done. Very Professional & Prompt Service. No hidden cost and moderate service charges.

Roma mahi

    Services we provide for AC repair and services

    Ac Installation & Uninstallation services

    At cool zone, we have professionals who work from scratch. Our crew members are experts in repair and servicing and installation and uninstallation services of AC. Cools zone technicians work with dedication for AC installations and uninstallation in residential and commercial areas in Hyderabad. Our technicians follow all steps for installation and uninstallation, such as fixing the stand, connecting the inlet to AC, connecting the electricity supply to AC, and ensuring it works by checking the functions. Similarly, we follow the AC dismantling by disconnecting it from the inlet and supplying and packing the AC unit. We install and uninstall all brands and types of AC. We have the appropriate equipment and tools for AC installation and uninstall services. We cater to the needs of people across Hyderabad and stand at your doorstep after making an appointment. Our prompt and hassle-free service is what customers enjoy

    Dry and Wet Services

    Dry and wet services play an important role in air conditioning systems. These services refer to the piping systems utilized to flow refrigerant across the unit. In dry service, the refrigerant between outdoor and indoor units of AC does not mix with water. Split ACs usually follow dry service as the indoor and outdoor units are separate.

    Similarly, the refrigerant is in contact with water in wet services, such as the central air conditioning system. The dry and wet service plays the most important role in the heating and cooling process, and hence proper maintenance and repairs for AC units are essential. Cool zone experts are well-versed in handling dry and wet services for different AC units. Ring us and fix an appointment for cool and wet services; we take complete responsibility

    A one-stop solution for all your Ac Repair and service needs

    Cools zone is the customer’s favorite as all services are under one roof. Cools zone is the best choice for AC installation, uninstallation, gas recharge, repair, and maintenance. We handle all kinds of AC concerns and leave no stone unturned. Our experience in Hyderabad handling masses of AC issues speaks to our quality.

    We deal with all types of AC Repair,

    Split AIr Conditioner repair & services

    For split AC installation and repair services, the cool zone stands out of the rest. Technicians at cool zone are professionally trained and experts in installing split AC units. Our team has the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools that help in effective split AC installation. Our technicians know the ins and outs of split AC installation and work flawlessly on ducting, electrical wiring, refrigerant piping, etc. Call cool zone technicians and ensure the split AC unit is installed efficiently, correctly, and lasts longer.

    Window AC Repair Service

    Cool zone is proud to announce that we have the best window AC repair service for customers across Hyderabad. Our technicians are well-versed in handling all window AC repair and service brands. We research and find the root cause of the issue and solve it accordingly. We also educate the customers regarding the handling and maintenance of window AC. We repair any problem and also make sure it works efficiently.

    Cassette AC Repair Service

    Cassette ACs are usually mounted on ceilings and meant to cool large areas such as big halls, office spaces, etc. The excellent cassette AC sometimes faces many troubles, such as refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, low cooling, etc. Cool zone team members have specially trained technicians to handle cassette AC repair and services. These technicians know how to diagnose and solve the issues in cassette AC. We follow the right procedures and safety protocols to fix cassette AC repairs. Regular repair and maintenance of cassette AC are essential for long life and efficient working. All cool zone for all cassette AC repairs and services for quality work.

    Air Handling Unit (AHU) repair service

    The air handling unit AHU is an appliance that helps filter, circulate, and condition air in the building. The AHU has an air filter, heat exchanger, dampers, blowers, and coils. A malfunction in any of these components ceases the operation of AHU. The main function of AHU is maintaining the quality of indoor air. The cool zone has special technicians trained particularly to handle air handling units. However, the AHU may malfunction due to electrical issues such as damaged controls or wires, performance issues such as poor temperature control, low airflow, or additional noise. In such scenarios, cool zone experts detect the issues and execute necessary actions for proper operation. We also educate the customers regarding the usage and maintenance of AHUs. Call us for all AHU hassles, and we will set it perfectly and ensure the appliance's longevity.

    Central AC repair service

    A central AC is an appliance that cools and circulates air throughout the building. There are ample components in a central AC system, such as indoor units, outdoor units, ducts, thermostats, etc. central AC systems are widely used in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Several issues arise in a central AC unit, such as compressor failure, refrigerant leaks, wiring issues, dirty condenser coils, clogged ducts or air filters, and low refrigerants. To resolve these issues, trained professionals for central AC repair are essential, which is possible with the cool zone. Our technicians diagnose the issues and execute necessary actions for better performance. However, a tie-up for regular maintenance of central AC with a cool zone works wonders.

    Circuit Board Repair

    The control boards or printed circuit boards act as the brain of the AC unit, and a fault in these boards hinders the functioning of the AC unit. The circuit board controls the AC's functioning; hence, expertise and knowledge are necessary to work with circuit boards. By associating with the cool zone, experienced and proficient technicians attend the circuit board repair. We use specialized techniques and tools that highlight the issue's source, repair it, and restore the control board to operate. Our expert circuit board repair professionals help extend AC's life by perfectly repairing the circuit board. It is vital to note that circuit board repairs are time-consuming, complex, and sometimes cost-effective to replace the board completely. Our cool zone technicians offer the best advice and necessary action to be taken regarding circuit boards.

    AC Gas Charging

    Wear and tear, improper installation, or refrigerant leaks in ACs lead to replenishing the refrigerant in ACs. Our cool zone team members are trained and have experience and knowledge in AC gas charging. Moreover, we have the equipment that helps in easy gas charging and safe refrigerant handling. Our technicians measure the refrigerant levels in the system and ensure to add the appropriate amount of refrigerant. Our certified technicians for gas charging help your air conditioner work effectively and efficiently.

    Gas Top-up

    We have trained and certified professionals for a gas top-up for AC. The cool zone has the necessary equipment and appliances that support gas top-up. Moreover, we land at your doorstep for all gas top-up problems. So ring us for a gas top-up in your AC unit, and we will take care of the rest.

    Get AC Repair and Services in Hyderabad by Cool Zones

    Welcome to Cools zone, your go-to destination for reliable and efficient AC repair in Hyderabad. is a rapidly growing city with top high-tech industries and bright life. However, Hyderabad experiences high temperatures and heat during the summer months. Air conditioning is essential to maintain a relaxed summer life in such cities. Installing air conditioning improves the comfort and livability of workspaces and homes. We offer various AC repair and maintenance services to keep your AC running smoothly throughout the year. With our team of experienced and certified technicians, we strive to deliver top-notch services that meet your expectations.

    With the continuous running of the appliance during summer, there are more chances for the AC unit to break down or stop working completely. Regarding AC repairs and services, Cools Zone leaves every little detail explored. We are a leading crew of AC repair technicians in Hyderabad waiting to solve your AC repair issues. Do not hesitate to call us for your AC concerns. We undertake AC repairs, installations, servicing, gas top-ups, etc. Cools zone service providers are a one-stop solution for Hyderabad customers’ air condition needs.

    Why Get Regular AC Repair and Service in Hyderabad

    Improve Efficiency: Regular AC maintenance and repairs can help your AC system work smoothly and effectively, using less energy to cool your home or place of business. Long-term, this can help you save money on your electricity costs

    Increased Lifespan: Regular maintenance and repairs can increase your AC system’s lifespan. You can increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system and prevent the need for costly replacements by repairing minor issues before they turn into big problems.

    Prevent Breakdowns: Regular maintaining it, especially during the summertime of the year, can help prevent unexpected breakdowns. By doing this, you can avoid the suffering and issue of being without air conditioning and the cost of urgent repairs.

    Improve Air Quality: Reducing the risk of allergies and breathing problems, regular cleaning and maintenance of your AC system can help improve the air quality in your house or workplace

    Ensure Safety: By performing routine maintenance and repairs, you can ensure that your air conditioning system operates securely and lower your risk of electrical issues and other safety risks.

    Routine AC maintenance and repair are necessary to keep your AC system operating smoothly, efficiently, and securely, as well as to enhance indoor air quality and ultimately save you money. To ensure your AC system is properly maintained and fixed, working with a reputable company like Cools Zone AC Repair and Services is a good idea if you live in Hyderabad.

    What makes Cools Zones the top choice for AC Repair and Services?

    Doorstep installation: Cool zone satisfies countless customers across Hyderabad with extraordinary service. Give us a call regarding AC installation, and we will stand at your doorstep for immediate installation. We call customers to book a convenient time, date, and location and get into action immediately. Our prompt service in installation is our success.

    Hiring A cool zone Professional To Repair Your Air Conditioner

    Hiring a cools zone professional for AC repairs in Hyderabad is smart for multiple reasons:

    1. Our prompt service and quality works fetch us higher rates than our competitors.
    2. We always work beyond the customer’s expectations and satisfy them during all stages of repair and service.
    3. We have trained technicians in all aspects, such as repairs, services, installation, uninstallation, etc.
    4. Customers benefit from choosing the cools zone for all AC repairs and services.

    Quick Enquiry

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    Why Choose Us

    Choose Cools zone; we are experts in AC repair and services and offer a one-stop solution for all AC needs. We have the best technicians trained and certified in handling all AC units. Moreover, customer satisfaction is our prime motto. We work to satisfy customers by following strict timing and quality service. We heed every customer complaint and explain the issue and root cause to them. The best facet about choosing the cool zone is the pocket-friendly charges that keep us high amongst customers. So run through our website and book an appointment for all your AC needs


    Coolszone provides air conditioning repair services in Hyderabad for various brands such as Samsung, Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, LG, and more.

     Coolszone provides a 90-day warranty on all necessary spare parts used for air conditioning maintenance.

    After booking, the Coolszone team will visit the specified location to begin the air conditioning repair process.

    Yes, the cools zone technicians are expected to bring all the necessary tools and equipment needed for the AC repair process

    To ensure that the technicians are using genuine spare parts for your ac repair, you can ask them to provide the details of the parts being used, such as the brand, model number, and other relevant information. You can also ask for proof of purchase or an invoice for the spare parts. Additionally, you can research the brand and model number of the parts online to confirm their authenticity. Communicating with the technicians and asking questions is essential to ensure you get the best quality repair service.

    If an issue occurs during your AC service, our technicians should promptly address the problem. They will inform you of the issue and explain the necessary steps to fix it. If the problem continues, our cools zone company should provide you with a warranty period within which we will offer free service to rectify the issue. For instance, if a 30-day warranty is provided, any problem that occurs within that period will be rectified free of cost. It is important to inquire about the warranty terms and conditions with the company beforehand to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the future.